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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sesame transports your senses

Sesame seeds add another dimension to your daily sustenance. Tired of the usual Carne Prita or beef Steak? Add toasted sesame seeds and you will be having a la Korean beef meal.
For variety, add dashes of sesame seeds to your usual Sotanghon or Miswa soup and the popular Chop suey.
Sesame seeds a.k.a linga or lunga are not only in white but can also be bought in the grocery in black or brown color. Add them in your sinangag or fried rice for a change.
Sesame seeds' aroma is popular as grounded pair of the mascuvado sugar used as tandem of Ibus or rice wrapped in coconut leaves and boiled in coco milk.
Sesame seeds should be in your cabinet...