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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sushi Delights

This my Filipinized version of sushi. i pan grilled the tuna instead of raw, otherwise, i will eat everything alone alol.at times, i used our rice and malagkit rice as well as go for canned tuna. But i love the grilled one.Here, try the recipe yourself.

a very sharp knife to cut the sushi into pieces
sushi mat (bought at P30 and can be reused)

I kilo cooked rice (i used Japanese rice this time at P125/kl. usually i use 3/4 kl malagkit and 1/4 ordinary rice)
2 packs 10-piece sushi nori (any brand, i chose the cheaper one at P64/pack

Soy sauce
Wasabi (available in paste and powder)

FILLINGS: any veges or seafood u like or crab and seafood sticks found in the frozen section. i also want avocados too. Toasted sesame seeds can also be added. But you can never go wrong with what i used for my sushi today:

CUCUMBER (choose, young ones so you wont have big seeds in the center)
not-so-ripe MANGO (choose the robust one at 1/4 kl a piece. its recommended that mangoes are tangy rather than sweet.
TUNA, i usually use canned tuna in brine but this time, i used Yellow Fin Tuna (1/4kl at 85).
Frozen CORN (my first time to use)

RICE: cook as usual and mix with 4 tbsps vinegar. after done, cool down a bit and mix with sesame oil. use immediately. the steam makes the rice manageable.

TUNA AND MANGO - sliced tuna and mango lengthwise
CUCUMBER -- cut lengthwise
TUNA AND CORN (my cousins idea is originally to put mayonnaise but i omitted it here)

1. Put the Nori on top the sushi mat.
2. Spread 4 tbsps rice. Make sure to leave at least half an inch on top so as to have a neat roll.
3. put the vege/fish combination and if desired, sprinkle with wasabi powder.
4. roll. use the mat to tighten the roll. (constant practice makes perfect)
5. repeat until everything is rolled. Quickly do this as it helps that the steam is still there when you tighten your roll.
6. then cut the sides of each roll to have clean cut edges.
7. Then slice to desired sizes, preferably bite-size. 5-6 slices per roll.

I churned 160 pieces today and delightfully ate the uneven edges in the process.

use any soy sauce
if the wasabi is a powder, put water to turn it into paste.