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Monday, January 18, 2010

Varying dressings for your veges salad

What I love about my weekends is that i can divert from my usual meal. I can sit prepare my salad all at once and place them in the fridge to pig out later. mmmmm

Here's what i do to vary the dressing:

Calamansi, lemon, dalanghita or combi are great.
Squeeze directly and add Italian seasonings (dry). I love the aroma and the distinct taste.

Apple cider vinegars plus Italian seasonings or chopped celery.

If i ran out of apple cider vinegar, i use the cane vinegar in our kitchen.
3T of cane vinegar and 1T mascuvado sugar (to temper the sourness) plus the dried herbs.

If i can't stand the cane vinegar and i have pickle relish in the fridge, I use the water of the pickle
then add italian seasonings and/or chopped parsley or celery.

I quit mayo. Those who love it, here's quick thousand islands --
1:1 ratio for mayo and ketchup and Italian seasoning (dry) or chopped celery.

For all dressings, white pepper and fine salt may be added to taste.

Today I used the vinegar + mascuvado dressing, and the following vegetable and fruits:
1 medium carrot, peel and use peeler to slice lengthwise
2 medium size apples, cored and cubed
2 medium oranges, peeled then sliced (remove seeds)
4 cucumbers, peel, sliced thinly and round (if the cucumber is young,i don't peel)
1 medium bell pepper, remove seed and use peeler to thinly slice lengthwise

boiled asparagus, raisins, cubed boiled eggs, cubed/grated cheese,
lettuce, and singkamas may also be tossed.
Instead of lettuce, you may opt for cabbage. Shred the cabbage and blanch for two seconds in just-boiled water. Rinse immediately in a cold/running water to preserve crunchiness.

Store in plastic container (never use steel as vinegar reacts).
Add dressing just before serving.