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Monday, April 26, 2010

Fish in Panang Curry

Tasty Panaeng Curry.

A sampling of Panaeng Curry mixing it with coconut milk and fish.

a pre-mixed panang curry paste I bought from Thailand grocery. i tasted it first because it is said to the mildest of the curry concoctions.

Heat 3 cups of coconut milk, add the paste and mix well until lumps disappear. Bring to boil, add 500 gms of fish and let simmer until cooked. Adjust flavor with sugar and fish sauce.

Actually, Panang curry paste ingredients are basically as follows:
* Chili peppers
* Galangal (a root)
* Lemongrass
* Coriander
* Cumin
* Garlic
* Shallots
* Peanuts
* Shrimp paste
* Salt

Simply delicious and can be eaten even during lunchtime when the heat is on! The chili is much more tempered than those I tried in Thailand. Definitely, I will try this again. Shrimp may be omitted and tofu may be used instead.