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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fruits of Viet and Camboj


 Banana, longan and the dragon fruit... delectable treats.

woman selling fruits at the first stop at Pnom Penh, Cambodia.

dried persimmon, heavy!!

 Fresh persimmon! Love it.

 strawberries... not sure of the one above!!!


 cherry tomatoes. wow!

tasty pomegranate...

refreshing green apples, oranges, small citrus, and mangosteen.

 Dragon fruit. this is a fruit of a cactus, not of a dragon, alol.

Mangoes and more of the pomegranate.

 Tamarind and dried plums.

 Ornamental of for the table, i don't know yet...

Sliced fruits served to us by the Mekong Delta Vietnamese while they are singing for us. Great!

Still Green Fruits in queue, pomelo, papaya, bananas... at the Mekong Delta Unicorn Island...

Things for the Palate in Vietnam and Cambodia

 Pho (Noodle Soup) from Pho 2000 locate at the famous noodle house where US Pre. Bill Clinton ate when he first visited Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon,) Vietnam

 The first Pho we had at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam costs 20,000 Dong or US$1. Served with greeneries below....

My first bowl of Pho 2000 Noodles is Large... wow

Fried Spring roll wrapped in rice paper consisting of shrimp and some bean sprout inside... Loved the vegetable pickle on the side... The "very hot" chili on the side is not my thing...   

 Fried noodles with seafoods

 Almost always there on the side, mustards, lettuce, mint and other herbs.

An omellete or a pancake with pork and shrimps inside....

Chicken and fresh celery inside of this fresh spring rolls....with very tasty sauce. 

 Broiled Chicken with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, wow!!!

 Fried shrimp spring rolls

Coffee, how they make it.

 Stir-fried noodle and bean sprout with egg on top.

 Fried bird, tempura young corn and string beans with lots of vegetable side dish. wow. Nevermind the mustard sauce... alol

Hanged Duck... I love a slice of that.