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Friday, February 18, 2011

Pechay Wraps


Pechay Wraps can also be called Bok Choy Wrap!
Here's the link on our favorite green leafy vegetable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_cabbage

I mainly love Pechay when cooked with ground beef clear soup. I will share the recipe with you later as I did not take pictures of such a favorite home dish, as ordinary as it may be for us but I promise, it will enamor you too.

Speaking of ordinariness, I decided to put a twist on the usual soup but best buddy: beef and  pechay.
Here it comes!

 The sumptuous Pechay a.k.a. Bok Choy Wraps after being steamed for 20 minutes.
Best served with soy sauce or fish sauce (patis) with calamansi.

Since I have no carrots, I used the squash and sayote. 
Chop a cup and a half (1 1/2 cup) of each. 
Then chop some onions and garlic in desired amount (the more the better. ).

 Mix the chopped squash and sayote with 200g ground beef. 
Put salt and pepper then soy sauce. Add egg if you desire. Mix well.

 Here's a pretty pechay head. But i used many heads (at least three heads)
as I only picked the large  leaf which is ideal for our wraps.

 Wash each leaf and let dry in a strainer. Then use each leaf to wrap a small ball of the beef and vegetable mixture. Secure with toothpick. While wrapping, heat water in your steamer and after all the wrapping is done, steam for 20 minutes.

 Here's a photo of wrapped beef mixture!!! Ready for steaming....

The Pechay Wrap, served hot.
Best when accompanied by soy sauce-calamansi dip.