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Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick and Easy Summer Rolls


1 can corned tuna (spicy or regular)
100 grams vermicilli 
Cucumber, cut into 2-in long stick
Lettuce, cut leaves into strips
Carrots, cut into strips

Rice Paper
Warm water in a big round pan

see sauce in earlier blog

 The delicate rice paper wrapped the veges and tuna

 Up close and personal with the summer roll (salad type).

 Another closer look at the summer roll.

Stripped cucumber, carrots and lettuce with dried basil leaves

The canned corned tuna. The tuna with calamansi is a good alternative.

Vermicilli is soaked in a boiling hot water for 30 seconds or until done and then drained.
 The Rice paper.

 The rice paper positioned on the chopping board.

The wet rice paper on the chopping board, 
ready to be filled in with veges and tuna. (see photo above)