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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick Beef and Salad in Corn Tortilla


Corn Tortilla, beef
lettuce, tomato
onion, cucumber
sweet chili sauce

 Quick Beef and Salad in Corn Tortilla
 Quick Beef and Salad in Corn Tortilla

 Frozen Corn Tortilla can be bought in the grocery 

 Heating a piece of the tortilla

 After heating, gently fold into two.
 Some of the tortillas...

 Saute 250g of ground beef in 2 tablespoons olive oil 

For the salad, chop white onions and tomatoes.
  Add chopped cucumber too.
Also choose the greenest
lettuce available in your local market
and tear the leaves into two big pieces.

 Inside the curved, pan-heated Corn Tortilla,
put some leaves of lettuce. 
Add a spoonful of tomatoes and white onions
and another spoonful of beef.
And since this is quick, I used the prepared
Sweet Chili Sauce to flavor the wrap.
For snacks or appetizer... Quick Beef and Salad in Corn Tortilla