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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quick Beef and Salad in Pita Bread Wrap


 The Beef-Salad wrapped in Pita and
temporarily secured by toothpick. 
Pita Bread is native to Turkish and Bulgarian dishes
and should have a pocket 
between the round bread.
See Wikipedia link on Pita Bread 
To see a video to make a pita click,
How To Make a Pita Bread by How To. Com

 Saute 250g of ground beef in 2 tablespoons olive oil

For the salad, chop white onions and tomatoes.
I must add chopped cucumber too 
but I was not able to include the same in my first try.
Also choose the greenest
lettuce available in your local market
and tear the leaves into two big pieces.

 I bought a frozen Pita Bread (Philippine Made) from the grocery.

 Heat the pan. Add the pita bread
and heat each side from 2-3 minutes. 
This one did not rise but the original pita rises
and creates a pocket in between. 
At any rate, this is no problem as we will be making a wrap.

 On top of the pan-heated pita bread,
put some leaves of lettuce. 
Add a spoonful of tomatoes and white onions
and another spoonful of beef.
And since this is quick, I used the prepared
Sweet Chili Sauce to flavor the wrap.
Note: cube cucumbers and sliced eggs may be added too
and any barbecue-flavored sauce
must be perfect to combine with the beef-salad wrap.

Trying to wrap the salad while taking a photo.  :)
 A picture perfect wrap.

 A view of the open-top wrap...

 The wraps secured by toothpicks while the hands 
and the camera are still working 
and the eaters are still far from the table. :)

The bitten wrap. This one is with sliced egg...yummy.