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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cabbage and Radish in Vietnamese Dressing

Cabbage and Radish in Vietnamese Dressing

If hunger is the mother of kitchen inventions, then variety is the twin of kitchen creativity!!!
 This is proven by another way of serving the ever favorite radish salad: cut rounded and thinly and served with tomatoes and onions in vinegar and salt dressing.

It was quite a surprise when I served the shredded radish with shredded cabbage and as dressing used the Fish Sauce and Calamansi sauce or the NOUC MAM CHAM or NOUC CHAM the sauce I have featured here earlier for the vietnamese summer rolls because everyone loved it...


2 white radish (medium-size), shredded
1 medium head of cabbage, shredded
1 big medium ripe tomatoes (or 2 small tomatoes), sliced rounded and medium-thick
1 big white onion, cut into rings
 Fish and Calamansi Sauce (see link above)

Wash the shredded white radish with water and squeeze out excess water. Set aside in a plastic bowl (not steel). Blanch the shredded cabbage and remove from water immediately. Run into water to cool down. When cooled down, mix with the radish, sliced tomatoes and onion rings. Put enough Fish and Calamansi sauce.Serve slightly chilled.