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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Food Gifts from Vietnam

The Gifter from Saigon and the Pacman look-alike chef!

Thank you Anna Wang for the pasalubong ingredients. Unfortunately, I don't know how to put our gasul tank back today and I still have to wait for rescue to arrive. Hilarious! Just when I am excited to concoct something out of your gifts considering it's raining cats and dogs here... Ms. Bernadette hold over the whole of the rice paper pack (And she laughs at me for being rice-noodles and rice-paper crazy the last time at the airport! hmmp). Here are what I got, and I am excited to experiment... super duper...

Banh xeo for the pancake.. rice noodles for the soup... and different flavor cubes for the broth...

For the Pho or soup: broth cubes, up close. There are four cubes in a pack...

rice flour is the main ingredient

SAGO, and oops, not rice noodles.