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Friday, July 8, 2011

Tuna and Corn in Summer Rolls

Tuna and Corn Summer Rolls 
 I already prepared and posted summer rolls in this blog. For this recent one, I used canned tuna and sweet corn. See more of Summer Roll here and here for the Vietnamese dipping sauce: Peanut-based and the Fish-Sauce-based ones.

Since the ingredients as well as the recipe are in the links above, please go over the same after looking at these photo instructions on how to make your own Summer Roll.

In a tablespoon of canola oil, saute minced garlic, add canned tuna in oil or in brine (If using in oil, use the oil of the canned tuna) and simmer for a minute and then add the canned sweet corn, water drained. Simmer for two minutes and add the sliced white onions. Let stand until the mixture is dry. 
Prepare the cucumber by slicing it julienne fro about 2 inches and tear or slice the lettuce in strips. Add fresh basil is desired.
In a very hot water, soak the 200gms of Vermicelli (mung beans) until cooked and drain.  
Now that the ingredients are prepared, we are ready to start wrapping our Summer Rolls. For history of the Summer Rolls see the links above. Photo here is a bowl of warm water, to be used to wet our rice paper.
Here is our partly wet rice paper.
Here's our fully wet rice paper. Place the ingredients right away so as not to tear our rice paper for being too wet. Since a dry rice paper cannot be managed for being crisp, it must also not be too wet to avoid tearing.

Place a small portion of each of the prepared ingredients. Fold the round edge facing you then let it cover the mixture. After that, fold the sides like an envelop and then continue rolling. The rice paper seals by itself. And you are done with your first Summer Roll.
Summer Roll. For Dippings, I made the peanut and fish sauce based ones. Great. I wrapped each roll with a transparent plastic as the rolls will stick together if lumped together. Serve chilled with your favorite sauce.