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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boiled Sweet Corn


SWEET CORN after my bite...lol

Preparing to boil. You may leave one layer of husk, if you desire.

Removing the hair beforehand is recommended, unless you're in a hurry to boil and eat. lol

Learned this boiling tip from the vendor of sweet corn. Nowadays, sweet corn variety which is giant with a-bit-crunchy kernels abound. The secret in retaining the sweetness of sweetcorn is to immediately cook it after it is picked, and in my case, after I bought it!!!

Prepare sweet corn by removing the husks and hairs. Wash. Cut into two or leave it whole if you have a big casserole.

Put water in a casserole enough to accommodate the sweet corns, making sure the water will cover the corns if finally added. Bring the water to boil. Put the sweet corns and cover. Let boil for ten (10) minutes. You may add a pinched of salt a minute before the end. Remove from fire and from the casserole. Do not let the corn stay in the water. Serve immediately with or without butter.