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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Macapuno Jam


TONGUE OUT. The boy is salivating over the mutant coconut aka macapuno.

gelatinous and smooth, that is macapuno sans sugar.

chopped macapuno.

dissolved sugar.

bringing the sugar into boil.

Cool a bit and this is ready to go!!!

1 T sesame seeds

1 small macapuno coconut (mutant coconut)

2 cups washed sugar
1 cup water
1T vanilla syrup

Toast sesame seeds. Set aside.

Shred or chop macapuno coconut and this will yield about two cups. Bring water to boil and put the macapuno for about five minutes. Drain and set aside.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, dissolve sugar in 1 cup water. Transfer mixture in a small casserole under medium fire and stir constantly for about five minutes until dissolved. Add the macapuno and let simmer uncovered for another ten minutes. Add vanilla and toasted sesame seeds and remove from fire. Let cool and transfer in a glass container.  

Serve with bread, as is or as toppings to fave fruit.