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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food we partook in Hanoi, Sa Pa, Halong, and Tam Coc, Vietnam...


Eating is one of the highlights of every trip, next to photo shoots of course. And in vietnam, Pho is the mother of all meals...After a week of partaking Pho, we almost adapted to the no-salt taste and always-with-herbs mixture. In Tam Coc, a friend "luckily" picked a summer roll with lampunaya inside, we were all amused. My friends had their first taste of the abundant Dragon Fruit  there too. Meanwhile, I enjoyed their instant Pho on our last supper before heading to the airport; it tasted like the real thing. The instant hit among us was the deep fried dpring rolls and the beef/chicken with mushrooms and onions of Sa Pa Global hotel...

Fried chicken with stir fried bamboo shoot. Unlike the way we cook it, they do not blanch the shoot so that it taste and smells so wrong.

Fried chicken on top of fried rice.

PHO BO, or beef noodle soup.. we were accustomed to its almost no-salt taste after a week of having it...LOL

Condiments for the Pho... L_R Chili sauce which is deadly, lime and sliced chili which i prefer.

Here I was, enjoying Pho along Bat Dan Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Rice rolls with herbs

rice rolls... Banh bun or something. Some rice rolls has meat while this one is simply rice rolls. This is a treat from one of the hotel employee, Mai.

Chili-Fish sauce, nouc nam for the rice rolls.
Boiled eggs come with the "France" Breakfast, a complimentary of Little Hanoi Diamond Hotel

Banh mi, a french bread... and chicken sausage and ham. They refer this as the France bread.

Deep-fried rice rolls with vegetables inside.

The pack, all set for the Pho.

Beef Noodle Soup...

Instant noodles with stri-fried kangkong, spring roll, chicken, a piece of fried goat, tufo with egg, tomatoes and cucumber

At Pho 24 by the Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

fried pork ribs

fried squid

chicken with veges

shells inside

processed fish in tomato sauce


Pho with Lotus stem on top

just along the SAPA nightmarket stall: veges wrapped with beef strip, ready for grilling

just along the SAPA nightmarket stall: mushroom wrapped with beef strip, ready for grilling too!

processed food ready for grilling along the SAPA market stalls...

dried fish, seen along the market stall

Sayote leaves... while the othe rone must be watercress

chicken with mushroom.. and a bit spicy. We all love this.

stir fried chinese cabbage

fried spring rolls

fish soup with bamboo shoot, still with the wrong taste as the shoot was not blanched...

Sa Pa Global Hotel chef prep my Pho...


condiments for the Pho

Pho ingredients

Lacatan Banana inside a batter and deep fried... yummy 

Adorable chicken sandwich.. love the bread...