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Monday, July 30, 2012

Halo-halo at Doc J's Stop Over and other Don Salvador's offerings to the palate


We stayed at Doc J's Stop-over located just about two kilometers from entry to the municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto (aka DSB and don sal) located at 37 Brgy. Pandanon, DSB, Negros Occidental. DSB is a cool place but we dared to have halo halo as it is the place's best offering to those who stop over to the place...

HALO HALO at DOC J's Stop Over,
37km Pandanon, Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB)

Doc J's Halo Halo has vanilla ice cream, ube halaya, bits of colored kaong,
sugared young buko or coconut shreds and sweetened with milk creamer
and honey with dissolved mascuvado sugar

LANZON (the yellow one) -- steamed grated cassava with young shredded coconut
LINUPAK NGA KAMOTE KAHOY -- pounded cassava with shredded coconut


arroz con caldo

passion fruit juice with buko shreds (young coconut)

Don Sal women sell their camote and banana chips
as well as their candied young coconut called BUKAYO. 

LINUPAK NGA SAGING -- pounded sab-a (plantain) banana with young coconut 

TUDLO SANG DALAGA -- lady's finger banana.... with sweet and fragrant pineapples
papaya and squash at the back. This coffeeshop is just steps away from the Lantawon (viewing deck) where the falls can be seen from above. Meters from this shop, there's a house where they also sell yacon and lettuce...
Doc J's offers COLD Sambag or Tamarind Juice
and HOT Tanglad or Lemongrass Tea

A PHOTO OP before we hopped on CERES bus liner and headed to the Viewing Deck
where the falls can be seen...