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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fried Chicken and Ensaladang Langka of JD!


Fried corn-starch coated chicken 

If I have to list Iloilo City's candy to the eye, I have to start with the New City Hall which welcomes travelers upon going down the ferry. Treading the city's business district called downtown, one cannot help but observe the continuing restoration of the old buildings which is part of the city's heritage.

I suddenly felt hunger. The candies for the stomach consist of old and new food establishments and even nooks. But all I think of was to drop by and have lunch at JD Bakeshop near my alma mater West Visayas State University. All West Vi studes and ex-Mission road residents would surely do the same thing. 

JD got a make-over and expansion but the usual favorites like baked mac, macaroni salad and chicken ala king openfaced sandwich are still on the menu. And so, I ordered my usual favorite: Fried Chicken with ensaladang langka (jackfruit salad) on the side.  

On the second floor of the JD Bldg., there's Hungry Ninja to try too. Next time for sure, as before I went out, I just bought the butter and brownie chewies which are my classic favorites.

As side dish, ensaladang langka, my favorite.

Made of patis and vinegar, a classic sawsawan
(dip for the fried chicken)
The pineapple-orange juice, also a favorite.