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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dinner at Bacolod's Old Pala-pala


Bacolod's Old Pala-pala is a popular dinner place for a pack of hungry eaters. One would do the marketing of fresh seafoods in the pala-pala or wet market which ranges from squid and shells to shrimps and big fleshy fishes from tuna, lison to blue marlin. If one has no cooking ideas, one can ask from the friendly vendors what fish is ideal for a certain kind of cooking; they are very helpful...

One would then choose from the array of restaurants flanking the wet market which offers their place in exchange for service charges for every kind of cooking one wants her seafood done, from grilled or sugba, raw fish salad or kinilaw, or soup or sinigang. I love their "sizzling" which puts on a hot plate the fish, oyster sauce and fried garlic. On top of this, they serve boiled rice (or bring your own), softdrinks and even fruits in season.

Old Pala-pala is located just a block away from the back of Provincial Capitol Building, and just 200 meters off the corner of the street where the Captel (Capitol hotel) is located.

While I always eat there with friends at night, the lady there said that they open during the day for lunch and there is a wet market during day time also and she added that the catch is fresh also during the day.

For Just a little over a thousand pesos, we had sinigang (3 big bowls for a kilo of Lison), kinilaw (2 platters for 500g lison) and sizzling (2 hot plates for 5 slices of a kilo of Tanguinge), 12 cups of rice and 1.5L of sprite. We even took home a slice of tanguige sizzling and a platter of lison kinilaw.

sinigang nga lison (Lison Fish soup)

The hungry pack

The happy pack

Kinilaw or raw fish salad with salted egg

Sizzling Tanguige

Another shot of my favorite...