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Friday, October 12, 2012

Pinoy's Salad: Salted Eggs


Pinoy's Special salad: Salted eggs with onions and tomatoes

6 salted eggs (red-painted ones in the Philippine Market)
6 medium-ripe tomatoes
2 red or white onions
2 pieces dalanghita (or 6 pcs calamansi or any citrus)
1 T soy sauce (optional as the eggs are salty already)
coarse pepper

Peel and slice the salted eggs. Arrange in the platter.
Slice the tomatoes and onions, round or chopped for easy bite. Add in the platter.
Squeeze the citrus and make sure that the seeds are not going to the preparation.
Add soy sauce and coarse pepper..
Serve as side dish or on top of hot boiled rice.