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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dinner in Larshian of Fuente Circle, Cebu


Chicken breast, chicken liver and pork barbecue, all grilled
and topped with sweet sauce.

What is Manokan Country for Bacolod City is Larshian for Cebu City. Located in the popular Fuente Circle district, Larshian houses several stalls that serve chicken and pork barbecue and various fish catch which can be grilled or cooked into sour fish soup.

Of course, the "puso" or the weaved coconut-leaves wrapping the cooked rice add the local "Bisaya" feel to the table.

While we were eating, an old man serenaded us with an English song and we immediately requested for a "bisaya" song, so he sang Matudnila to our delight.

Larshian is a nice place to visit while one is in Cebu, it is just fronting the Robinson's Galleria located by the Fuente Circle. While the shouts here and there of waiters and waitresses may be annoying, in fact, it adds a local feel to the eatery. This is where the locals eat and meet. So, it's definitely worth a try.

PUSO, the stress is in the second syllable.

White Marlin, can be cooked as Towa or Tinola for plain fish soup
or as sinigang for sour fish soup. We had the latter.

Enjoying puso while listening to Kuya's serenade.
Photo by Ms. Cecile Mesias.

In fairness, Kuya can sing....