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Friday, March 22, 2013

Verba or chinese batuan as we call it!

Verba or chinese batuan as we knew it here is also a childhood fruit. We used to climb two trees of it in Brgy. haguimit where we were used to have a short vacation. It is sour and turns yellow when ripe. It has no much commercial value as the same cannot be used in cooking although it is called batuan... It round and the size of longgan and the seed or two is found inside and as big asthe fruit itself. It can be enjoyed by peeling and squeezing the fruit seed inside one's mouth and letting it stay there for a moment while one is grimacing because of its sourness and then one ejects the seed. If one is lucky, some ripe fruits are sweet with only a bit of sourness.

Cashew fruit

Ang prinsipe na nakaupo sa tasa... Kasoy!

I love this riddle and the fruit is memorable as when i was small, this fruit was a menace once because we played under the cashew tree and we picked the hanging fruit as it was within our reach. We bit it and our mouths were burned as it turned out, the fruit is not yet fully developed as the seed grows out fast first before the fleshy meat.

Kasoy is a childhood fruit, as its juicy and messy flesh can only be tolerated by children. But this fruit will not go out of plantation as it is valued for its tasty nut.

How do we eat the fruit? Slicing and dipping in soy sauce, by biting and licking some salt in our palms or by simply chewing it whole and munching until the fiberous flesh gets manageable to be swallowed.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jd sweets squares

It was so fun trying out the many new flavors of Iloilo City's favorite food hang out for students... Aside from their ensaymada, chicken and pina roll as well as chicken sticks, JD Bakeshop is known for its baked sweets squares and they come in variety... From buko squares, oatmeal, butter scotch, chocolate fudge, pineapple, peanut and a lot more. Since i love small squares rather than pie slices, these slices are thumbs up for me...

Monday, March 11, 2013

JD fried chicken and callos

One of the best thing about visiting Iloilo City is revisiting the taste of JD Bakeshop, which offers an array of value meals at a student friendly price. For the students who once flocked JD, who can forget their fried chicken and callos. They now have a wide array of value meals but this one of the classic choice! Burp....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watermelon is more than water!

One of the favorite summer fruit is watermelon. Aside from its attractive red color, watermelon is water plus melon indeed. Everytime i partake this fruit while sweating under the summer heat, i could not help but get awed by the wonders of nature. Nature provided us with what we exactly need during these times. Isn't it great? Aside from devouring slices fo this, one can add bits of watermelon in a pineapple or dalandan juice. Or simply top shaved ice with the red pieces.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheese sticks and suggested variety

One of the ways to enjoy apa or lumpia wrapper is to wrap sliced cheese and fry them just before serving. Since we got 50 pieces of freshly cooked lumpia wrappers, we halved it and used the other half for vegetable lumpia and the other half for this one.

I used our left over queso de bola for this one and left over quickmelt cheese. Love the lingering chesy taste quezo de bola while the quickmelt version of the cheese was overshadowed.

Using the ordinary cheddar cheese, one can actually turn a cheese stick special by rolling the cheese slices in a condensed milk or some refine sugar. I also tasted the spicy cheese stick of my sister in law whe she sliced the jalapeno into two and combine the cheese and the halved chili before rolling and sealing it. It actually tasted good. I recommend for starters to use bellpepper as I love the taste and the aroma of bellpeppers.

Here's a photo of the last two cheese sticks we just had...

Saturday, March 2, 2013


For lunch today, we had laswa. We mixed all solid vegetables available: papaya called kapayas here, squash or kalabasa, okra, takway (gabi roots) and saykwa or patola and the green leaves at hand: malunggay called balunggay here and saluyot called tugabang. The secret addition is the lemon grass known as tanglad here and some dried fish. .N.B. the ingredients are actually flexible; compare this laswa with my previous post....

Match this vegetable soup with fried fish and rice... Perfect!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The secret is in the Lumpia wrapper

One of the challenges in making rolls is how to wrap it neat and firm. The secret is in the wrapper as it must be just- made. A day old wrapper is dry and unmanageable but a just- cooked ones are soft, pliable and easy to wet when closing the ends. It is a happy discovery to me that an old woman in my place still makes this tedious-to-prep lumpia wrapper. I just have to order a day before so she can make my order right in time. This is a happy find for me because those sold in our wet market is usually days old already. Here is our vegetable lumpia for dinner....tomorrow, i'll post the cheese sticks... And if i have time i'll take a photo of the old woman doing her thing and get a few tips from her.