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Friday, March 22, 2013

Cashew fruit

Ang prinsipe na nakaupo sa tasa... Kasoy!

I love this riddle and the fruit is memorable as when i was small, this fruit was a menace once because we played under the cashew tree and we picked the hanging fruit as it was within our reach. We bit it and our mouths were burned as it turned out, the fruit is not yet fully developed as the seed grows out fast first before the fleshy meat.

Kasoy is a childhood fruit, as its juicy and messy flesh can only be tolerated by children. But this fruit will not go out of plantation as it is valued for its tasty nut.

How do we eat the fruit? Slicing and dipping in soy sauce, by biting and licking some salt in our palms or by simply chewing it whole and munching until the fiberous flesh gets manageable to be swallowed.