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Monday, March 4, 2013

Cheese sticks and suggested variety

One of the ways to enjoy apa or lumpia wrapper is to wrap sliced cheese and fry them just before serving. Since we got 50 pieces of freshly cooked lumpia wrappers, we halved it and used the other half for vegetable lumpia and the other half for this one.

I used our left over queso de bola for this one and left over quickmelt cheese. Love the lingering chesy taste quezo de bola while the quickmelt version of the cheese was overshadowed.

Using the ordinary cheddar cheese, one can actually turn a cheese stick special by rolling the cheese slices in a condensed milk or some refine sugar. I also tasted the spicy cheese stick of my sister in law whe she sliced the jalapeno into two and combine the cheese and the halved chili before rolling and sealing it. It actually tasted good. I recommend for starters to use bellpepper as I love the taste and the aroma of bellpeppers.

Here's a photo of the last two cheese sticks we just had...