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Monday, April 8, 2013


Known as duhat or black plum or java plum, Lumboy is our local name for this dark fruit dubbed by children as the "local grapes."

Lumboy is a memorable tree among countryside children since aside from the tales of "kapre" rolling up the leaves of this tree and turning them into giant cigars, its fruit, after partaking a bowl of them, colors the teeth and tongue bluish black, and more often than not turns one into a subject of many laughs.

Leaves of duhat can be mixed with water and used for gargle inorder to relieve swollen gums. (from the book Healing Wonders of herbs, p.42)

Happily, I was able to partake today a plump lumboy at the still hefty price of P50 a kilo. This must be one of the first picks this summer of this fruit. come peak season, it will cost P20 to P30. But a lot says it is good for the diabetics, and this claim might as well raise the price of lumboy. Happy Eating.