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Monday, April 15, 2013

Native Manok and Buko Shake for lunch

I am so happy that aside from the usual 45 days broiler chicken, restaurants nowadays offer native chicken. While there is a slight difference in the pricing, i do not mind. Native chicken is extra tasting, meatier and generally free from feeds and injectable vitamins which boosts growth as native chicken is usually free range or grows in a large backyard. Let me say, native chicken is muscled while broiler chicken is simply big flesh and fat. A must try is the native chicken offered in the Manokan country located in the reclamation area, beside SM City.... But i got a great taste of tinola and lechon manok, both native, at Ting ting's located along BS Aquino Drive, near Doctor's Hospital and I know, I shall be back for it!
Click this link for contact numbers... http://tingtingsnativefood.weebly.com/