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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Banana pancake with sugared banana and bugnay syrup

2 cups mashed ripe bananas
2 cups flour
2 eggs

Mix all ingredients. Adjust water until the mixture is runny. Fry in a non stick pan. Add a small amount of oil from time to time, of desired.

Check bugnay syrup in the past posts...
For banana jam, in a pan simmer mashed bananas and sugar until cooked in desired consistency.

Srve hot!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Atis, a rural childhood's fruit

Atis is a seedy fruit with pleasantly sweet pulp when eaten at a certain ripeness... I can recall when i was small, we used the plentiful seeds of atis in sungka boardgame in lieu of pebbles or small shells.

Delicate sweetness is one of the traits of an atis pulp...

Last five of a kilo of atis...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tufo-singkamas-mongo sprout stirfry

I just love this ala Japanese stirfry... I so love the mongo bean sprout... Delightfully crunchy...

Shabu shabu and yakiniku

Shabu shabu is the hotpot where everything can be placed inside a boiling pot and then eaten as soup. Yakiniku is the grilling of dofferent meats and seafoods. I love wrapping the grilled meat with lettuce.. It was a happy lunch despite sans the rice... Lol


Nice rich soup...

Love the fact that they used squash and gabi to give some flavor and texture boost to the soup.

Boiling soup..

Of course, kimchi is my favorite...

The preparation..

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My santol Mandala

I decided to make a mandala out of the santol we just ate and it turned out so neat and interesting perspective for photo... This is simply enjoying the nature's bounty without the intervention of fire or freezing temp. Fruit is nature's finest offer....

Beefy basil and bugnay - grape juice

I had been posting baked macaroni in this blog site and i must admit the obvious... i love pastas!!! So here is my latest take on my favorite dish...

My sister-in-law's Black Sambo

This was already sliced and transferred in a transparent container, hence the topsy turvy look.

The white must be on top the chocolate...

I am posting here the Black Sambo made by my sister in law during her last visit so as to remind me later when i can get the cahnce to prepare one...

4 knoxx gelatine
1 packs cream
1 can condensed milk
1 big chocolate syrup

Prepare 2packs of knoxx as directed in the package, add cream and milk and chill until firm in a rectangular serving dish.
Prepare the remaining 2 packs of knoxx and add chocolate syrup and chill until firm...
My sister in law sprinkled walnut on top... Oh she prepared the chocolate first and the cream next....
Chill and serve as dessert.

Snakefruit from Bali

A thoughtful friend brought us a Snakefruit during her trip to Bali, Indonesia... I lavished and slowly chewed on the fruit after peeling off its snake-like peeling...

I loved the taste. It has the nice sweet sour taste of a pineapple and the crunch of apple as texture and it looks like a giant clove of garlic when peeled and dissected.

Is it a fruit or nut?

When i had the chance, i googled and found out that it is from a palm tree like fig and dates... It is a popular and common fruit all over Indonesia and it can be made into wine...

I think I will have more of this when I get to visit Bali too.

*photos used above came from my google search...

My fruit Mandala

Inspired by patterns, i served these cucumber, apple and oranges in circles.. Love the color and it lured everyone to pick up. Oh, i sprinkled some Italian herbs seasoning on top...

Grilled Tuna with stir-fried cabbage on the side

I miss the yellow fin tuna and i had a great time having them marinated and grilled...

Mushroom burger

This mushroom burger is delightfully good. As in all burgers, big is good. :) hope i can get hold more of fresh mushrooms soon... I want to make grilled mushroom sandwich next time...