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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thumbs up to Razon's Halo-Halo

Finely shaved ice (finer than our usual shaved ice, if I may emphasize) that feels like almost an ice cream but of course, it is not because when one's tongue feels the ice, it is still shaved. Perhaps, the savory milk complement the fine ice. Almost one has the heavenly feel already after having the flan, the ice and the milk. But then, one reminds himself not to be content with its "deliciousness" yet 
because one is having a Halo-halo. The surprise should yet to come!


Of course, halo-halo has to have many more underneath the layer of ice and milk. I love this one because even though there is no grand or generous servings of sweetened banana and macapuno (i forgot if it has some beans), even though there is no colored gelatin to entice my eyes, even though there is no ube or tuber taste like camote, there is this fullness in its simplicity.


Razon's of Guagua Halo halo is a must try. It should surpass everyone's expectation of halo-halo, 
I guess because it costs a few pesos away from a hundred.
I think Razon's will open at Robinson's Place Bacolod anytime soon 
since I saw a poster of it in one of the stalls.
Guagua is a town in Pampanga.