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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Gut-feel Kimchi

8 heads of Chinese cabbage, halved and washed
rock salt
brown sugar
chili powder or whatever preserved chili available
ginger, chopped
garlic, chopped
bottled vinegared onion (optional)
bottled vinegared cucumber (optional)

Dry the washed halved cabbage head. 
Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl starting from chili powder.
Rub layer after layers of leaves with salt and brown sugar and then mixture until done.
Arrange in a plastic container and let stand for 24 hours in a dry cool place.
The next day, transfer in glass container and discard remaining water.
Let stand again for another day or two. 
The Kimchi is done when the cabbage and the spices are already fermented.
Refrigerate to lengthen shelf life.
Enjoy as appetizer.

(When I made my first kimchi out of native pechay, I first rubbed the salt and let the pechay spurt its water within  24 hours before adding spices. I suggest same thing with this kind too but at any rate, this shortcut method is a success. Dont forget to wear plastic gloves when applying the chili.)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Camote tops salad

Blanch kamote tops and drain well. Add sliced tomatoes, onions and grated green mangoes. Toss in apple cider vinegar, a dash of salt and black pepper. Chill and serve as appetizer.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Memories of JD Bakeshop

There are many reasons to love the menu offering of JD Bakeshop in Iloilo City. From its student-friendly price to its delightfully classic such as mongo ensaymada, chicken roll, chicken cordon bleu, chicken ala king open-face sandwich, baked macaroni and pine-orange juice. 


As for me, I always liked and went for their ensaladang langka, a unique side dish not always available somewhere but only here. I also love their fried and crispy cornstarch-laden chicken rubbed with ginger. 


Now that I tasted their Mushroom soup, a new in their menu, I decided to make it my staple in the table each time I visit this memorable student hang-out in Iloilo City.